We all have been in the situation to remove stubborn grease tops and oil removal from the metal surfaces. No matter how hard you try, removing grease oils, cutting fluids, corrosion inhibitors and other kinds of oil are very difficult. To remove the stains and oil permanently, you need to use industrial-based VCI sprays Degreasers for cleaning all types of industrial parts, machines, and other machinery parts.

What is a degreaser?

A degreaser is the cleaner spray that removes the grease, oils, and stains from the metal and iron surfaces without much effort. These cleansers are used to maintain and service the machinery. Degreasers come in many forms, whether you call it maintenance cleaner, precision cleaner, or automotive cleaners. VCI sprays are easy to use degreasers for cleaning the offending oil and grease layers for the machinery with the least efforts.

The RustX Degreaser Spray makes the equipment clean and smooth. They make them look new and improve their efficiency. These sprays contain Aerosol for the convenience of cleaning. Aerosol helps in the powerful spray that creates a force for the cleaner to attack the surface and clean them permanently.

The other cleaning equipment that uses water-based or vapor cleaning is not suited for cleaning machines and parts. On the other hand, they are automated cleaning methods and suited for medical and aerospace parts cleanings.


Degreasers come in various forms. The spray form of degreasers is very easy to use. The benefits of using VCI sprays are-

  • They are contactless and easy to degrease.
  • They also disinfect and deodorize the surface.
  • The aerosol deep penetration removes oil and grease without disassembly of the machine.
  • The degreaser spray is non-corrosive
  • They make the machine look new
  • Improve the quality of life of the machine or part

Why do you need a degreaser VCI Spray?

The need for the degreaser depends a lot on the application. If the surface needs degreasing and cleaning, a degreaser can be used, the amount of grime, oil, and grease is too much which cannot be removed with the help of manual scrubbing. The degreaser is useful for the machinery and parts which are difficult to disassemble. You can use the VCI sprays on the surfaces of- Metal and Fiber optic cable wires, motors, transformers, and electronic equipment.

How to select VCI Spray Industrial Degreasers?

The major factors to consider while buying the right Industrial Degreasers for your mechanical repairs and cleaning are-

Flammability- Many degreasers have a content of alcohol which makes them flammable. They should not be used in the industry which has fire hazards. Moreover, flammable degreasers emit dangerous fumes which are not good for health.

Dielectric strength- Dielectric strength refers to the degreasers which are used for cleaning the powered machines and equipment. If the spray has to be made on the electrical wires or switch, a high level of Dielectric strength in the degreaser should be bought.

Compatible with Rubber and Plastics- If you are degreasers on the plastic or rubber surface, they should be compatible with the surfaces.