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VCI Emitters and Devices

Rust-X emitter is something that gives off, or sends out, a substance. Vapor corrosion inhibitors are a type of compound used to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals from rust and corrosion. When we combine the two, the result is a VCI Emitter — a device designed to protect enclosed metal and metal parts from rust. VCI emitters use a range of carriers, such as polyether foam or chipboard, to host the VCI for use in a various rust-prevention application

VCI emitters are portable and self-contained pods emitting volatile corrosion inhibitors to protect metal products against corrosion. Typically, a corrosion inhibitor VCI emitter is manufacture with a strong mixture of active VCI chemicals bundled in a compact enclosure, which keep emitting the VCI over a period of time.


What is Vci Emitters?

VCI Emitters are a mixture of high and low speed concentrates of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors powders that volatilize due to vapor pressure difference in the packaging and react with humidity.

They form a nano molecular layer on the metallic surface that inhibits corrosion. It is packed in various sizes of Tysorb bags and can be placed in vicinity or direct contact with metal

How do VCI emitters work?

Place in vicinity of components or packaging to be protected. 300 grams of VCI 4200 protects 1 m3 if  placed scattered within the packaging. For larger equipments and machines, the free volume may be calculated at 50% minimum and the pouches may be dosed accordingly

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