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Solutions for Machinery Packaging

  • MetalBarrier bags with Anti Corrosion VCI Properties
  • VCI Emitter 11 for Electrical Cabinets
  • Moisture Absorbers for inside the pallets
  • Rust Preventive Jelly for moving parts
  • Rust Preventive Wax for hard coating
  • Peelable Coating for machined surfaces
  • Masking Sticker
  • VCI Stretch Film for overall Wrap
Machinery Packaging
Machinery Packaging

Metal Barrier Bags

  • Custom Made as per Machine Dimension
  • Contains Anti Corrosion Film on the inside
  • Metallised Film on the outside
  • Low WVTR (Water vapor Transmission Rate)
  • Can be heat sealed and vacuumed
  • Up to 5 year packaged life

Metal Barrier Bags

  • Base and Hood Type
  • Cover for Machinery, Electrical Panels, Electrical Equipment
  • Protects from Outer Atmosphere
  • Protects from Corrosion due to VCI Action
Machinery Packaging

Electric panel

  • Exported in Metal Barrier World Wide
  • No Corrosion to the electrical parts
  • No Corrosion of drives, motors, gear boxes etc
  • Air Tight for Sea Transportation

Heat Sealing at the bottom

  • The bags are joined by heat sealing
  • Prevent moisture influx
  • Provides 100% Air Tight Inert Atmosphere

VCI Emitter Capsule

Emits VCI vapors to neutralize moisture Prevents damage to electrical components Prevents oxidation of copper provides overall corrosion protection

Caterpillar Engines Packaging

Machinery Packaging
Machinery Packaging
Machinery Packaging

Metal Barrier for long Term Preservation

  • Seals Atmosphere
  • Low Moisture & O2 Permeability
  • Can be vacuumed to reduce free Air Volume or filled with Nitrogen
  • Effective for Long Term preservation

Steel Mill Equipment Packaging


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