Rust Remover

Rust-X Neutra-Safe Rust Remover is a powerful oxidation remover designed for use on various steels, iron,cast iron and copper metals & aluminum. Neutra-Safe Rust Remover is a concentrated neutral pH aqueous solution designed to remove rust and oxidation safely and economically. Neutrasafe works by selectively attacking the rust present on the surface of the metal and removing it into the solution of the rust remover. The product works in cavities and volutes and safely removes corrosion within seconds. It is available in the form of liquid, powder and jel. There is no reaction of the Neutra-safe chemical with the metal and hence no tarnishing or color change of the metal surface.

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  • Rust Removal in 5 minutes
  • Available in powder and liquid
  • Transparent Solution with no odour
  • No special precautions required
  • Easy disposal
  • pH of neutrasafe 5.8
  • pH of aerated beverage 3
  • pH of human skin 5.5

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