VCI 2D Bags

VCI 2D bags are used for the packaging of small components which are further put into pallets or boxes. 2D bags are loaded with SMP technology VCI chemicals to prevent corrosion and abrasion whilst giving complete transparency and view ability of the product.



Thickness  75 to 500 microns
BagSizes  Width 2″ to 200

Length Any

Colour  Blue/Yellow/Transparent
Printing  Upto 8 Colours

RUST-X VCI film is manufactured using a patented process and structure. The product passes the most rigorous test methods for evaluation of corrosion protection such as VIA Test for Vapor Inhibiting Ability as per TL 8135-0043 or German Razor Blade Test. The product is free from Nitrites, Secondary Amines as well as for heavy metals. The film is also TRGS 615 compliant. This is ideally used for packaging of metal products or for equipment packaging for long term storage and transportation.

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors. VCI Plastics make use of VCI Technology to protect metallic components packed in them. RUST-X VCI Plastics works on SMP technology for speedy moisture passivation.The VCI molecules work by evaporation and condensation on the cooler metal parts and prevent corrosion wherever they settle. In effect a corrosion inhibiting layer comprising of macromolecules is deposited on the part. This molecular film formed inhibits the forward reaction of corrosion by limiting/stopping the electron flow, altering pH as well as by forming a physical barrier to oxygen and water vapour.

Steel Components packed in RUST-X VCI can be protected for up to 10 years when combined with our other VCI Solutions.The Rust-X VCI Plastic is free of nitrites or secondary amines.


• Multi metal Protection
• SMP Technology for Speedy Moisture Passivation
• Excellent Oxygen and Water Vapor Barrie
• Transparent for easy observation of Part
• Heat Sealable for an Inert Packaging system
• Can be printed or written upon for easy identification of parts


• 3 D bags or VCI plastic 2 D bags or Zip Lock bags & can be used as per the desired dimensions and
components can be packed and sealed in VCI bags using heat sealer.
• Storage in open, storage in warehouses for
longer periods and other related schemes.


Available in Rolls, Sheets, Bags, Envelopes. Store in a cool dry place and always keep Paper sealed when not in use.


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