VCI HDPE Papers are manufactured by combining various combinations of raffia and PE with VCI papers.

VCI papers provide excellent protection against moisture and dew. RUST-X HDPE PAPERS are heavily impregnated with VCI’s ensuring longevity of protection.


Roll Width Max 144
VCI up to 5 years protection
Printing Up to 4 colors
Layers 3/4
Construction PE + Raffia + PE + VCI Paper



RUST X manufactures VCI HDPE Paper  which have exceptional strength, tear resistance.
Goods wrapped in or protected by RUST-X VCI HDPE paper are not affected by corrosion.

The reason for this is that the air surrounding the metals protected with RUST-X HDPE paper, is
very heavily impregnated with the inhibitors released from the protective paper.

The micro-moisture droplets become so heavily impregnated with corrosion inhibitors released
from RUST-X VCI HDPE paper that these droplets themselves become rust preventives,
and will not form corrosion on the metal surfaces. In effect corrosion cannot occur in
vicinity of the VCI HDPE Paper.

VCI HDPE papers are used to protect components that require high shelf life and protection against corrosion.
These have a high VCI chemicals carrying capacity and are useful in protecting
components for longer periods and also provide better abrasion resistance compared to thin film plastics

• Economical to use
• Easy to install
• Protects up to 2 years
• Effective dry protection
• Specially developed for Iron & Aluminum
• Protects mostly all metal systems
• Easy to use and only needs to be wrapped or placed along with the part to be protected
• Can also interleaved within metal plates or sheets

Rust preventing Packaging | Anti Rust Packaging | Metal Packaging.

• For protection of metallic or nonmetallic components
• Coils and CR sheets from adversities of sea humidity
• Storage in open, storage in warehouses for longer periods and other related schemes.

All substrates should be clean and
contaminant free and apply HDPE paper.

Store in a cool dry place and always keep VCI HDPE
paper sealed when not in use.

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