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Alucut Cutting Oil

ALUCUT 8000 is the most premium product as far as the comparative products and brands are concerned and offers unmatched tool life, lubrication, cooling rate, corrosion protection and ease of operation.




Physical Properties Test Method Value
Colour Visual Transparent Solution
Specfic Gravity ASTMD 1298 0.90-0.99
Color Emulsion @ 5 % conc. in Water White
Forth at 400 ppm water No Forth
Emulsion test hard Water 700 ppm pass (No oil no Cream
Viscosity <52 cSt
Cast Iron Corrosion Test Pass ( 5% Solution)
Refractor meter reading multification factor 2.5
Odour None
Concentration 3-5% depending upon severity of operation
pH @ 5% in 1000 ppm water 8.5-9.5

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