Tuffpaulin is a tough plastic film, which is used for a variety of applications. It comes along with numerous unique properties, such as high moisture resistance, excellent tear propagation protection, high dart impact strength, improved tensile strength and excellent puncture resistance. These properties of VCI Tuffpaulin are tempting people to use them for highly demanding applications without keeping any doubts in mind.

Tuffpaulin belongs to a special form of tarpaulin. In fact, tarpaulin is designed to deliver excellent water resistant and waterproofing capabilities to manufacture Tuffpaulin. You can see how Tuffpaulin are being used for a variety of applications, which include offering shelter to a place under inclement weather conditions and keeping the floors protected when it is painting.

You will be able to purchase Tuffpaulin in local hardware stores. They are usually called at tarps. Tarps come in large sheets and you will be able to cut them and get for the desired type.

Even though Tuffpaulin sheet you can use for residential purposes are available at local hardware stores, you cannot get the specialized forms of Tuffpaulin like that. In fact, these specialized forms of Tuffpaulin are being used for industrial requirements. These Tuffpaulin waterproof sheets are heavyweight and thick in size. They are in a position to resist wind, air, and numerous other airborne objects. Hence, they can be used for heavy-duty outdoor applications. For example, such Tuffpaulin is helpful when you want to protect a shipment from damage.

The lowest thickness that you can find in a Tuffpaulin sheet is 100gsm. If you are planning to use the Tuffpaulin sheets for a heavy-duty application, such sheets would not be enough. That’s where you should go ahead with the thicker Tuffpaulin sheets, which are offering a thickness of around 300gsm. They also come along with a tensile strength of 18/17 MPa.

You can often see Tuffpaulin being used in farming. For example, it is possible to store grains and keep them covered with Tuffpaulin sheets. Moreover, it is possible to see Tuffpaulin bring used in trekking and camping activities as well. Tents that are made out of Tuffpaulin are designed to help you remain cozy and warm.

What is Tuffpaulin and it’s Benefits

Tuffpaulin is usually manufactured in a woven pattern. Hence, you will be able to get a stiffer experience when you touch Tuffpaulin. On the other hand, you will also notice that they have a rough surface. You can get sealed edges and thicker folded Tuffpaulin options in the market as well. There are eyelets in these Tuffpaulin sheets, which you can use to run ropes and tie numerous objects.

It is also possible to get VCI Tuffpaulin in numerous color options. Out of them, Tuffpaulin sheets in bright colors are more prominent. You can get them in colors such as orange and blue. Due to the same reason, it is easy to locate Tuffpaulin from distance. Apart from these color options, Tuffpaulin is available in yellow, white, and green colors as well.

Go through the different options of Tuffpaulin available and pick the best one out of them to cater your purpose.