Effective Corrosion Protection with VCI Liquid

VCI is a term that is used for “vapor corrosion inhibitor” or “volatile corrosion inhibitor”. This revolutionary technology simplifies the process of protecting items like structural metal cavities, packages internal equipment, etc. from corrosion. It creates a protective environment by forming an invisible shield over the metal surfaces. This anti-corrosion liquid prevents moisture, oxygen, and other elements come in contact with the metal surfaces and cause rust. It can be applied on any unpainted or exposed metal surface at any stage from their manufacturing to usage, export, storage, lay-up, etc.

Application of the VCI Liquid

This liquid can be fogged, brushed, or sprayed into the hard-to-reach parts of the metal items using any usual application equipment for industrial use. Some typical application areas of the VCI liquids are as following:

  • Outdoor Equipment or Seasonal Storage

This liquid is very useful for storing metal items such as lawnmowers, snowmobiles, recreational equipment, etc. during different seasonal changes.  

  • Metal Processing

You can use the VCI Liquid for Corrosion Protection for various purposes like lubrication purpose, protection, final rinse, wash, etc., on the industry large machines, tanks, boilers, piping materials, etc. 

  • International or domestic shipment

The liquid protectors are extremely suitable to use on the metal surfaces during shipments for exporting or importing pieces of machinery to protect them from the damages from acid rains, seawater, bird droppings, insect infestations, dirt, pollutions, smoke, debris, etc. 

  • Safe removal of rust

This anti-corrosion liquid not only prevents metal equipment from developing rusts but can also remove existing rusts from untreated or treated metal surfaces. Moreover, if you are looking for an environment-friendly rust-treatment solution, this would be the ideal way to resolve your problem. 

Advantages of the VCI Liquids

Among the many advantages of this technology, some include:

  • The use of this technology reduces working time as well the hazardous costs.
  • It does not need the step for removing the coating. 
  • It enables you to protect the hard-to-reach parts of the machines. 
  • Unlike the dehumidification process, the VCI liquids do not require any steady source for electricity.
  • The VCI technology works on many different types of metal surfaces throughout multiple phases of the treatment.

How to choose the right VCI liquid product?

There are certain methods and conditions that you need to keep in mind for selecting the right VCI liquid product.

  • Choose the correct product depending on where you want to use it – outdoor or indoor.
  • Decide for how long you want the effects of the liquid to stay.
  • Determine what type of metal you want to use this liquid protector.
  • Make sure you know the right method of applying it
  • More importantly, determine if you need the VCI Liquid for Corrosion Protection or removal of the existing rusts.

The Bottom Line

You cannot find any other ways for corrosion protection as the VCI liquids as these liquid materials are at the same time eco-friendly, non-toxic, and effective in all types of environments. Besides, these are also extremely easy to apply on different surfaces.