The importance of good quality packaging material is crucial, especially in the export and import business or the construction business, where transportation of significantly huge products is an essential part of their business. The Steel Coil Packaging materials help those products safe from the environment or any other damages while transporting from one place to another. There are several different packaging methods used in the industry. The methods differ depending upon the shipment methods, the material, and the nature of the destination. Moreover, there are also different modes of packaging available – fully automatic or semi-automatic. 

A Few Different Types of Steel Coil Packaging Materials

Rustx is a globally acknowledged firm that provides solutions for corrosion prevention. They have a wide variety of Coil Packaging Materials. Some of them are as follows:

  1. OD/ID protectors and Protex
  2. VCI HDPE papers
  3. VCI Crepe papers
  4. VCI Scrim paper
  5. VCI power stretch
  6. VCI strength fabric
  7. VCI scrim tight film
  8. Yotex

Advantages and Features of These Steel Coil Packaging Materials

  1. As there are many varieties of options available, you will get an independent solution for each requirement.
  2. The diameter, width, and weight of the Coil Packaging range up to 2500 mm, 2400 mm, and 35 tons, respectively.
  3. This packaging material handles the products with extremely gentle care ensuring zero damage.
  4. Depending on the automation speed these materials have a high throughput of up to 20 coils/ hour.
  5. You can customize the design of the packaging with the use of different packaging machines depending on various factors like the cycle time, packaging requirements, the desired level of automation, etc. 
  6. It allows easy incorporation of the different packaging methods into the whole arrangement of a factory.
  7. Moreover, there is always a possibility of extension or up-gradation of the system at any point in time.
  8. This packaging method offers different expert solutions for different packaging requirements.

Concluding Words

Hence, steel coil packaging is indeed a very good material for packaging coils in big industries. It provides strong and multilayer protection to the product so that it does not come to contact with the environment or cause any damage. However, if you do not have an automatic machine, the wrapping process may seem difficult because of its thickness. The thickness can cause difficulty to fold the paper around the coil. And finally, the VCI coil packaging is a very economical packaging material. So, if you are running a factory, you need to remember that a good quality product deserves to have good packaging.